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Adaptations & Permissions

Adaptations Link- Development section explaining the adaptation process.



Own Home Improvements

If you want to make any improvements to your home you need written permission from ClwydAlyn. Post the completed form to ClwydAlyn headquarters:     

ClwydAlyn Housing Limited

72 Ffordd William Morgan

St Asaph Business Park

St Asaph


LL17 0JD


Depending on the nature of the home improvement and to make sure you're not at risk, ClwydAlyn will need to review our request and may require inspection by the association and will include the review of asbestos data before approving any home improvement works. This may be a simple search through our records, or could include a new survey. Remember, if you carry out work on your home without permission, you and those living around you could be at risk of releasing asbestos fibres from asbestos containing materials.

Permission will only be granted if you have demonstrated that suitable and qualified persons will be undertaking the works.

Any improvements undertake without consent, the association will hold no responsibility for any ongoing maintenance of the improvement and if at any point the works are assessed as not meeting regulation or posing a risk, and require works to make safe. The group retains the right to undertake these works and recharge you as the resident.


Application to store a Mobility Scooter

We understand and encourage our residents to live independently and ask any resident wishing to store or charge a mobility scooter within their home that they seek permission first. Permission is required, the association needs to help you ensure the storage and/or charging does not pose a risk to you, your neighbours and the public, and permission will be required.

If you would like permission to store a mobility scooter in or around you home you will need to complete and submit the below application form.

LINK- Application form to store a mobility scooter


Request to be removed from Planned Improvement Works

We understand that residents will not always want the Improvement Works we offer, maybe you have upgraded your home yourself or that personal circumstances mean the works need to be deferred until another time.

If you feel this applies to you, you have the right to opt out from the planned improvement programs we offer. By Opting out you will defer the works and the association will make contact either when next due a Stock Condition Survey is due or when the Improvement Programmes are next approaching the area.

LINK- Improvement Works Opt out Disclaimer Programme Disclaimer

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