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Asset Management Officers

Our Asset management officers are highly skilled and able to make decisions about the condition of your home. As budget holders they make difficult decisions about the maintenance and condition of our properties, and take action in the interests of all our residents. They have to find the balance across our 5,000 properties. They are responsible for coordinating the safety testing and for the installation of new kitchens, bathrooms and agreeing structural works. Working behind the scenes to ensure your home is well looked after and well maintained in order to provide homes our residents want to live in.


Clwyd Alyn Property Maintenance

Clwyd Alyn are responsible for completing the maintenance works and repairs on your home, they work 7 days a week to ensure all emergency repairs are attended and provide a consistent service for our residents.

Clwyd Alyn have a team of staff who install new kitchens and bathrooms and who conduct the electrical and gas safety checks within your home. We are the customer facing part of the maintenance team and complete the work needed to keep you safe and your house a well maintained and secure home.



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