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Clean-up at local beauty spot

The Clean-Team, resident and staff volunteers from Greenbank Villas in Flint and The Quay Project in Greenfield get set for their action day tidying up the Swinchaird Brook area of Flint on Wednesday

Residents and staff from Clwyd Alyn Housing Association’s supported living schemes for former homeless people rolled up their sleeves to clean-up a Flint beauty spot this week as part of Keep Wales Tidy’s National Enforcement Day of Action.

The clean-up team from Greenbank Villas in Flint, and The Quay Project in Greenfield, joined with Community Development Assistant Julie Evans, to tidy up the area around Swinchaird Brook.

“When we heard about Keep Wales Tidy’s Action Day, some of our residents and Project Workers volunteered to get involved in a clean-up of the Swinchiard Brook area. The weather was perfect for us and it also happened to be National Mental Health Awareness Day, so enjoying friendship and fun, exercise and a great sense of achievement was a brilliant way to boost the wellbeing of all involved too,” said Louise Blackwell, Community Development Officer.

“There were cakes, refreshments and bacon butties back at Greenbank Villas in Flint afterwards as a treat. It was really inspiring to see what a difference their hard work had made,” added Louise.

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