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Former homeless support art project

Greenbank Villas resident Jamie Swinnerton working with Ruth Thomas at the print workshop

A selection of the prints made at the recent community art workshop held at the Old Courthouse Café in Flint

Former homeless people from supported living schemes in Flintshire are among those taking part a community arts initiative in the county featuring Flint Castle and the surrounding areas.

The ODEL Involve support and advice team, based at the Old Court House Café in Flint, recently invited residents from Greenbank Villas in Flint and The Quay Project in Greenfield to an arts workshop conducted as part of the ‘Flint Castle Art, Research and Development Project.’

The project is funded with Flintshire County Council, CADW, and Welsh Government support allowing local artists to engage with the wide community.

The supported living residents worked with local print-maker Ruth Thomas, specifically focussing on the bird, marine and wildlife of the Dee Estuary and foreshore area and the work they produced will form part of an exhibition to go on display at Flint Library.

Local project facilitator, Lorna Jenner said, "The residents created some superb prints which will help raise awareness of natural habitat of the area."

Louise Blackwell, Community Development Officer for Clwyd Alyn Housing Association, which manages the ODEL Involve project, said:

“We’d like to thank everyone who supported this excellent creative initiative. The residents were absolutely immersed in the workshop. “Well done to them, and to print-maker Ruth Thomas on all their hard work,” said Louise who thanked the funding partners, and the ODEL Involve Team for their support.

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