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Paned and chat at the Old Court House

Clive Cartwright and Fred Noble who are happy to welcome others to practice speaking Welsh at the Old Court House Café

Regulars at a Flint Café are joying a paned (that’s a cuppa!) and a chat as they get together to brush up their Welsh conversation skills each week.

Friends Clive Cartwright and Fred Noble meet at the Old Courthouse café in Flint town centre every week to enjoy a cuppa and informally practise their Welsh conversation skills

They get together on the middle floor of the café every Tuesday between 1 and 3 pm and are very happy for others to join them in some Welsh chat too.

The Old Court House Café and Community Heritage Hub is managed by Clwyd Alyn Housing Association 

“It’s brilliant that the café is being used by so many in the local community. It’s becoming well-established as a thriving hub in the heart of Flint’s community,” said Cerys Sullivan Café Manager at the Old Court House Café and Heritage Hub.

Cerys added that there’s also a buy ‘knit and natter’ group that meet on Wednesdays mornings that have been so successful that they are now considering meeting on Saturdays as well.

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