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Need extra support but aren’t sure where to turn? 

If you live in Flintshire and receive or have received Housing Related Support in the past we can help!

How can ODEL Involve help?

  • If you need support but not sure where to turn, we can help by offering low level support (on any subject matter at all) and can help signpost you to other specialists, voluntary organisations or local support services if required. 

  • We can provide support on the telephone, at our office at the Old Courthouse Café in Flint or we can arrange to meet face to face in your local area. 

  • We can go along to a group or appointment with you for the first time or help you to make telephone calls or to use the computer in our office.

  • We can provide opportunities and help you access local volunteering, training and employment opportunities, to order to help you move on. 

Who is eligible?

Anyone living in Flintshire who has been homeless, at risk or homelessness or receives, or has received housing related support (supporting people funded projects). 

Contact us 

Telephone: 01352 735438 


Text: 07584 389263. 

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