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Repair Priorities

  • Emergency repairs – up to 24 hours
  • Routine repairs – up to 1 month
  • Batched / major maintenance work – up to either 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on the work

Emergency repairs

If the repair is an emergency we will try to get an operative to you as soon as possible. Emergency repairs are those that threaten your health, safety or wellbeing, these could include:

  • Gas leaks - Report immediately to the National Gas emergency helpline on 0800 111 999.
  • Bare electrical wiring
  • Overflowing sewage
  • Broken external doors or windows leaving a property unsecured
  • Burst pipes, severe leaks
  • No heating in severe weather
  • No hot water

At Clwyd Alyn we work hard to maintain your safety and wellbeing, visit ‘Keeping you safe’ for more information.

There will be no changes to how we prioritise emergency repairs. This work is focused on ensuring the safety of your family and the general public. This may entail a temporary repair before we do a follow on job to complete the work. When you report a repair, you’ll be asked a number of questions so that we’re clear about the seriousness of the issue and the risks or dangers involved.


Routine repairs

Routine repairs are small jobs that should take around one to two hours to complete. For jobs that PenAlyn staff deliver we’re proposing a community based repair team. This means that engineers will be scheduled into an area in order to complete repairs in advance so they will be visiting some areas on the same day (or days) of the week/month. Our aim is to try and complete jobs first time and to have the correct materials available in the van on that day. The timescale for these jobs is up to 1 month, but you will be offered the most suitable appointment slot for you, which could be the following day or even 20 days away.

Batched repairs

Our batched repairs programme will group together certain types of non-urgent repairs by area and complete those in one go. You will be informed when you report your repair if it’s likely to be classed as a batched repair. Grouping the work will help us identify common problems that may benefit from larger planned maintenance programmes. Typically, these jobs could take anywhere between a few hours to one day to complete. If you’re reporting a glazing repair for example, we will have to visit twice, the first visit to measure for the glass and then a second visit to install it. We will try to arrange a follow-on appointment when the original appointment is made where possible so you that know when the work will be completed.


What type of repair could be included in the batched repairs programme?

Anything from repairing a garden fence to a kitchen/bathroom replacement. Any work that requires the use of scaffolding will also be classed as a batched repair. We will not include any work where there is a serious risk to your health and safety, or a chance of long lasting damage to the building.

Major maintenance work

Major maintenance work tends to be larger and more complex repairs which could take more than a few days to complete. These jobs could be following an inspector’s visit or work on properties that have previously refused Welsh Housing Quality Standards (WHQS) work. We may have to bring in specialised contractors to carry out more technical surveys or to complete the work, whereas a majority of these works will be conducted by PenAlyn.

Examples of Major Maintenance Works Include:

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Improvement  
  • Windows & Doors Improvement  
  • Heating Systems Improvement  
  • External Painting  
  • Mini Projects – Covers works that the group has determined is not a risk and does not require immediate attention but needs to be considered and reviewed. Examples will Include works to Driveways, Boundaries or communal areas. These works will be identified following inspection and require continued review. We aim to communicate with residents about expected timescale where possible and set realistic expectations.
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