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We are committed to ensuring the homes you live in are safe. We are working to ensure all of the homes we provide have an up to date asbestos management survey carried out.

We have already carried out extensive surveys of our properties and communal areas and have knowledge of where asbestos can be found. This information is contained within our asbestos register and if you are a resident and asbestos is within your home, we will have notified you this either during start of your tenancy or via letter following a survey.

We don't always remove asbestos materials as a matter of course if it does not pose a risk if left in good condition. This is called asbestos management.  It is important you are aware if your home has asbestos and where it is, as well as that we help you understand and explain what asbestos is and the risks to you.

Asbestos Factsheet

If you are unsure if your property has been tested for Asbestos contact us and we will check our records and arrange to inspect your property if required.



Asbestos Surveys for Improvement Works

If you are due Improvement works at your home we may contact you to arrange a more extensive Asbestos Survey, called a targeted Asbestos Survey and they will take a specific sample of the areas we are due to work in.

This survey will be more intrusive and involve lifting floor finishes, drill holes for sampling and may involve moving furniture and items such as the bath panel of kitchen unit kickboard.

Access is Vital. This survey is required to ensure whilst we undertake major improvement works both you and your family as well as the contractors we send are safe, and we are sure no damage is done to asbestos containing material and if it will to have this removed. Improvement works may be cancelled or deferred if access is not gained.

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