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Care and Support

What we believe

We believe in making a difference to the young person with no hope for the future or the older person looking for kindness and dignity in their advancing years.  

What we do

We provide a range of homeless prevention services that provide accommodation and housing related support via our Supported Living Projects and outreach support services.   We also provide Sheltered, Extra Care and Care Homes that aim to promote a Resident`s independence.  

We do much more than provide accommodation and support though, our training programme Opening Doors – Enhancing Lives provides easy to understand training to Residents that can often feel excluded from formal education.  The training is delivered in a way that promotes Resident engagement, builds confidence and self esteem and develops the life skills needed for independent living.

What difference can we make

We can make a difference to a person who is homeless and life weary by giving them hope for the future.  We provide safe and secure accommodation, and care and support to the older person wanting to maintain their independence.   

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