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What we believe

We believe people should be supported to live as full and independent life as they are able, and that this should be provided in a safe and secure environment.  We strive to work in a person centred way that values the individual and what they have to offer.

What we do

We provide a range of services in our care homes that include dementia care, nursing care, general care for the elderly and mental health care for younger adults. In doing so, our fully trained staff support our residents in a caring, relaxed and homely environment. This is provided with compassion, empathy and even with the odd bit of humour! We are always trying to improve our service even further and are always open to ideas and suggestions.

Accessing one of our Care Homes

You can contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs and to explore how we can support you. Everyone is different and we want to find out as much about you so we can help you make the right choices for the future. This can be done through a Social Worker or directly through the Care Home Manager who can provide advice and guidance.

What difference can we make?

We will help you to; live a full and independent life, maintain important relationships and family ties, maintain your dignity, make choices and identify your goals, achievements and future aspirations and help you feel valued.

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