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Current Work Programme - Painting

Cyclical Painting Works - External

Our Cyclical Painting Improvement Works are carried out by our nominated contractor Simmons Ltd.

If your property is being considered on the Improvement Programme you will be notified the through following steps;

Step 1. Simmons will arrange a mutually agreeable appointment date for the works to commence, Simmons will provide you all relevant information on how long the works will take and arrange access and egress for the duration of the works.

Step 2. Post Inspection - Once the works have been completed the Asset Management Team will be in contact to arrange a Post inspection carried out by our Planned Surveyor to thoroughly inspect of works.


Request to be removed from Planned Improvement Works

We understand that residents will not always want the Improvement Works we offer, maybe you have upgraded your home yourself or that personal circumstances mean the works need to be deferred until another time.

If you feel this applies to you, you have the right to opt out from the planned improvement programs we offer. By Opting out you will defer the works and the association will make contact either when next due a Stock Condition Survey is due or when the Improvement Programmes are next approaching the area.


To check if your home is scheduled on this year’s programme please click on the following;

Cyclical Painting Indicative Dates 2018-2019

Denbighshire Cyclical Painting 2018-2019

Conwy Cyclical Painting 2018-2019

Please find below the Cyclical Painting Specification. This document includes helpful information on our cyclical painting works and will guide you through what’s included and what’s not. 

Cyclical Decoration Specification ‚Äč

If you have any queries relating to the works, or any person visiting you in relation to these works, then please contact us

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