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Fuel Poverty and affordably of our homes is of key importance and many of our homes have renewable technologies installed but here are measures, you as a resident, could do to reduce energy consumption, helping reduce your utility bills and lower your carbon footprint.

Why not challenge yourself to reduce your energy consumption?


Top 10 measures for energy consumption

Turn the heating down by a degree or two, this small change will have a long lasting effect on your heating consumption. Using draught excluders and curtains in the winter will also save heat escaping the room meaning you won’t need the heat as high

  1. When boiling the kettle, only fill the amount of water you will need. Filling it with too much water means it is boiling longer costing energy and money!
  2. Cover your pans with lids when cooking, your food will heat up quicker meaning less time using the gas/electric
  3. Turn all your electrics off at the plug when you’re not using them, some appliances still use energy when they are plugged in even if you have turned them off
  4. Take showers instead of baths, they use less water and less energy to heat
  5. Keep shower time to below 10 minutes, saving on water use and the heating bill
  6. Use the “Economy” setting on your washing machine, and try to ensure you’re always washing a full load at once instead of lots of little ones
  7. Fill your dishwasher before running it so you’re not wasting water and energy washing lots of small loads
  8. Defrost your freezer regularly, the build-up of ice can slow down and hinder its performance meaning it uses more energy to stay cold.
  9. Switch to energy saving or LED light-bulbs, they give the same amount of light without using too much energy to run


Check you’re getting the best deal from your energy provider

Make sure you’re getting the cheapest deal for your energy, by switching your energy provider you could save money on your bill. Websites such as uSwitch will compare suppliers and help you to find if there are better deals available


Smart Metres

Smart meters are the new generation of gas and electricity meters which will replace the traditional meters in our homes. Every home in England, Scotland and Wales will be offered a smart meter by their energy supplier, at no extra cost, between now and 2020. Your supplier will be in touch to arrange an appointment when they are ready to install yours.

Smart meters will enable you to see exactly how much energy you’re using, as you use it, and what it is costing in pounds and pence.

Smart meters take regular readings and share these wirelessly, through a secure network, with your energy supplier. This means your bills will be accurate, not estimated, and you will no longer need to have manual meter readings.

In the future, smart meters will make switching between suppliers, or between credit and prepay, quicker and easier. If you are a prepay customer, you will also be able to top up online or via mobile phone.

Learn more about Smart Meters


Energy Performance Certificates

We currently have over a third of our homes already with Energy performance certificate or more commonly called and EPC. An EPC holds valuable information on the energy efficiency of the homes we provide and helps us to determine how best to invest to make the best impact for our residents.

The information is helpful to any resident wanting to understand, based on the home they have, how best to make changes themselves to save energy. You can access EPC certificates online at

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