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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for repairs and maintenance?

As a shared owner you are responsible for all of the repairs and maintenance of your property internally and externally.

What do service charges cover?

For information on what service charges cover click here.

Who provides Buildings insurance?

The Association provides the buildings insurance for the property and the costs for this are recouped from the monthly service charge.

Is there an excess on the policy?

There will be an excess as a leaseholder that you need to pay on any claims on the buildings insurance.

What is a Lease?

A legal agreement, which sets out the rights and responsibilities of both leaseholder and landlord.

Can I extend the length of my lease?

Yes you can, unless you live in a Leasehold Scheme for the Eldery, (a LSE scheme) Clwyd Alyn has recently agreed a policy to allow shared owners to extend the length of their lease. Please see attached Lease Extension Procedures.

What is a sinking fund Provision?

A fund set up through service charges to budget for major expenditure e.g roof repairs and cyclical redecoration.

What is a section 106 Agreement?

A Section 106 Agreement is the legal framework which sets out the terms and conditions for the provision of affordable housing and other facilities.

Can I buy further shares?

In most cases you are able to increase the share value that you own of your home but there are anomalies on the schemes.

How often will the rent and service charges be reviewed?

The rent and service charges are reviewed annually and any increases or decreases are applied from 1st April.

Am I allowed to make alterations to my property?

As a Leaseholder you have the right to the quiet enjoyment of your own home and have the right to decorate in any way you see fit to do so. If you are planning a major refurbishment for example a new kitchen or replacement windows you will need to ask permission to do this.

What happens when I want to sell?

If you decide you would like to sell your property we will market the property to the existing affordable housing waiting list and will try and locate a buyer for you. For more information on this process please contact the Leasehold and Sales Team.

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