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The safety of our homes and the residents who live in them is of upmost importance to us. We work hard to maintain fire safety for our residents and ensure adequate detection is supplied at all homes, with detection on each floor being maintained at least once every 12 months.

Prevention is the best practice. Our compliance workstreams are established to keep you safe, home electrics will be inspected and reviewed every 5 years and Gas servicing (for those homes with gas) undertaken every 10 months.

Access is Vital. Access for compliance works, especially Gas & Electrical Testing, is vital for keeping your home safe.

It is also vital that all residents are aware of causes and risks in the home, what measures you can do to prevent fire and what to do in an emergency. Check out our;

Home Fire Safety Checklist ‚Äč

Plan Your Escape Factsheet – General needs homes

Residents that live with Communal Areas

If you live within one of our schemes, or a block of flats with communal areas, additional measures are in place. A Fire Risk Assessment is in place and additional safety measures may be identified, such as suitable fire alarm systems, tested and maintained frequently; firefighting equipment; weekly visual inspections of communal area corridors to ensure these are not blocked and that emergency lighting is working and signage is in place.

External areas are also checked during Visual Inspections and need to be kept free of rubbish to prevent fire or obstruction which may cause problems accessing or exiting the building.

What a Fire Officer does ” and “ What is a Visual Inspection

If you are concerned about Fire Safety: We need residents to be Fire Safety Aware. If you’re living in one of our schemes or properties and are unsure about the fire safety measures to keep you safe, concerned with how will you escape or if you need to report a fire risk, please contact us.

Did you know? You can contact the North Wales Fire Service and enquire about a free home fire safety check? -

Personal belongings in communal areas

Please remember Personal belongings are not permitted to be kept or temporarily stored in any communal Area. Items will be removed when found and chargeable costs applied to the resident. If you notice another resident has left belongings in any communal area, please contact us to report this.


Reduce the Risk, Turn off when not in use, Turn off at night!

We are in an electronic age and a vast increase in appliances and modern technology in homes could increase the chances of electrical faults. Advice and guidance as well as current news and stories can be found on the Electrical Safety Councils website.

Click here to go to the Electrical Safety Council website

Overloading Sockets Calculator

The Electrical Safety Council have produced an interactive socket overload calculator to illustrate whether you may be overloading your electrical sockets.

Charging Phones / Tablets

With the price of branded chargers so high, many of us opt for a cheaper alternative. One of reasons of the price difference is the testing to ensure they are safe to use and don’t over heat. Always look for a British Standards mark CE on any electrical goods before using, this won’t guarantee its safe but the manufacture has met regulatory safety checks for the item to be sold in the UK.

Do you or your family charge your phone or tablet whilst you sleep? We even have alarms apps, so we might sleep with our phones right next to us. Both phones and chargers produce heat and can provide a risk of fire, a fire next to you and potentially flammable bedding and all whilst asleep is a major risk. Reduce the Risk, Turn off at night!

Product Recalls

Your Fridge, Your Tablet, Your Tumble dryer, did you know that appliances are recalled every year due to potential safety risks and only 10% to 20% of products are successfully recalled.

Always register your products;

Check for yourself, and make sure your appliances haven’t been recalled:



North Wales Fire Brigades Advice - Don’t try to fight the Fire. Get out, stay out and call the fire Brigade Immediately. Always stay safe, your life is more important than belongings.

National product recalls - Electrical Safety First

Click here to see our pushchair/mobility scooters case studies 


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