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Gas Servicing factsheet 

Residents Own Gas Appliances

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We are legally responsible for making sure that gas appliances, gas piping and flues in your home are well maintained and safe. A gas safety check is carried out every year by a gas engineer who is registered with Gas Safe. Gas Servicing needs to be carried out at your property to ensure that your gas appliances are safe to use. Gas boilers and appliances need to be tested every 12 months.


Access is Vital

Failure to allow an engineer access to your property after three attempts or if the service falls overdue will result in your gas supply being capped off. This is because we cannot guarantee your safety unless we have been given access to service. Failure to let us into your home will result in legal action by applying to the court for an “injunction for access”.

Gas safety in the home is paramount and we urge any resident who has not had their gas boiler checked to work with our engineers to ensure this safety check is carried out. We do not want residents to run the risk of having no heat or means of cooking if they have not contacted us. If a gas leak is left unchecked, you are placing not only yourself at risk but also the safety of others in neighboring properties. 


Landlord CP12 Form

Once the engineer has visited they will fill out a CP12 form click here.

The CP12 lists all the appliances tested and lists the results to show they are working safely. The engineer will ask you to sign this to show that you are happy with the service and the results given.

This document is the guarentee that the appliances which pass are safe to use for the next year.

If you smell gas, or suspect a leak please call TRANSCO immediately on 0800 111 999

If you need to ammend an existing gas servicing appointment please phone 0800 970 72 72

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