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Current Work Programme - Heating Improvements

Our Heating Improvement Works are carried out Internal by our in house team at Penalyn and we review all fuel types such as:

  • Gas Heating Systems
  • Electrical Heating Systems
  • Oil & Solid Fuel Heating Systems
  • Other Renewable Sourced Systems

Our main priority is to ensure every resident has adequate and efficient heating and hot water provided to their homes.

If your heating ever fails you need to report this so we can attend to review the system; report a repair.

In some cases, we are not able to repair your heating system and will organise a replacement, this is classed as a ‘premature’ replacement as your system may have failed before it should of. We will always consider if an improvement can be made at this time. We will offer to supply you with temporary heaters to heat your home during any downtime and the works will be organised with you as priority to ensure any upheaval is limited and you are back up and running as soon as possible.


Planned Heating Improvement Works

A planned Improvement is when the association are looking to upgrade the current heating system, despite it still working. This is called Planned Preventative Maintenance and it will be part of our strategy to help improve energy efficiency, to reduce repairs or even if your heating system has become obsolete and we will find it difficult to repair if it ever breaks.


If your property is being considered on the Improvement Programme you will be notified the through following steps;

Step 1. Letter from ClwydAlyn, to arrange an appointment for a survey to be carried out on your current heating system

Step 2. ClwydAlyn will write to you advising indicative replacement dates of the proposed works will take place.

Step 3. ClwydAlyn will arrange a mutually agreeable appointment date for the works to commence, and will provide you all relevant information on how long the works will take and arrange access and egress for the duration of the works.

Step 4. ClwydAlyn will attend and undertake the works, when fully installed they will demonstrate and advise you on how to use the new boiler and complete all relevant Compliance tests and Certificates* such as a Gas or electrical to ensure the works undertaken are safe.


Request to be removed from Planned Improvement Works

We understand that residents will not always want the Improvement Works we offer, maybe you have upgraded your home yourself or that personal circumstances mean the works need to be deferred until another time.

If you feel this applies to you, you have the right to opt out from the planned improvement programs we offer. By Opting out you will defer the works and the association will make contact either when next due a Stock Condition Survey is due or when the Improvement Programmes are next approaching the area.


*The install may replace your periodic date for your Compliance check, for instance if you were due a Gas Compliance Certificate in January, but had a New Boiler installed in December, you will no longer be due a further gas compliance certificate until the latest of December the following year.

Energy Grants and Renewable Technologies

Fuel Poverty and affordably of our homes is of key importance and many of our homes have renewable technologies installed such as;

  • Solar Panels – Harness the sun to generate electric for use by the resident.
  • Air Source Heat Pumps – An energy efficient Fuel Source
  • Rain Water Harvesting – Recycling rainwater to save water usage

We build all New Homes to the most Energy efficient we can achieve within our constraints, and in our older homes, where we are restricted in the energy efficiency measures we undertake, Our Planned Improvement programmes to upgrade heating systems, Windows and Doors as well as provide help and support on energy saving measures all help ensure our homes are efficient.

Small changes can make a big impact to fuel bills, make sure you review our information on Energy and challenge yourself to reduce your energy consumption.

In some cases, Third Party grants may be available to help us undertake major works to further improve our homes, these may be as little as supplying LED Bulbs for your home or as big as bring Gas Mains to the area and changing the fuel source at the home. Many of these grants require your involvement with the application and you may be invited to resident consultation as not every solution works for everyone.

If any grant opportunities arise, the groups Asset team will make contact with you about the potential of these grants.

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