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Lifting Equipment

Compliance (LOLER) & Servicing requirements

Adaptation equipment is provided uniquely for an individual based on an Occupational Therapist (OT) assessment to determine changes to the home to suit the need of a resident

Examples of Lifting Equipment include, but not exhaustive;

  • Stair Lift
  • Hoist
  • Through Floor Lift
  • Passenger Lift
  • Platform Lift
  • Specialist Bath

If you have Lifting Equipment in your home or as part of a scheme you live in, the following will apply;

Servicing and Access Requirements:

As with all mechanical equipment, it is important that your equipment is looked after so it can continue to cater for your needs.

Our appointed domestic lift servicing contractor will visit your home every six months to undertake a service.

In addition to this under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1988 (LOLER), to have another person, separate from the servicing contractor, to thoroughly examine your lifting equipment every six months to determine it meets safety standards.

In summary, you will have one contractor servicing your lifting equipment every 6 months, and another contractor undertaking a thorough inspection every 6 months. Unfortunately, the two contractors are not able to attend on the same date. 

Access is Vital. It is important you allow access for these visits as they ensure your equipment is continually safe for you to use. Failure to keep an arranged appointment will result in this cost being recharged to you.

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