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Report published to explore zero carbon housing

Funded by the Welsh Government Collaborative Research and Innovation Support Programme (CRISP) and prepared on behalf of North Wales housing association ClwydAlyn, this scoping study has provided the foundations to consider the potential of a hub that that will help push Wales’ net zero housing ambitions. The report includes a foreword from Julie James MS, Minister for Climate Change for the Welsh Government.

Julie James MS Minister for Climate Change, Welsh Government said:

  • “This Zero Carbon Housing Performance Hub scoping study shows that there is strong support from the housing sector for a government endorsed body where industry, academia and NGOs can collaborate to share research, debate the issues and help shape future policy. The Hub could therefore become a resource for all similar initiatives to ensure a cohesive and coherent direction.
  • “The Hub will also play its part in enabling a zero-carbon economic recovery that is purposefully aligned with the supply chain in Wales. Importantly for Wales, the Hub will enable the social housing sector to go zero early, bringing the benefits of low energy bills and healthy home environments to those that need them most. In short, the Hub will help facilitate and accelerate zero carbon high performance solutions that can be rolled-out at scale across all the housing sectors in Wales. We were delighted to be able to fund this scoping study and will give consideration to how we can support its implementation.”

Craig Sparrow, Executive Director of Development, ClwydAlyn added:

“ClwydAlyn is leading on ground-breaking low carbon initiatives to develop high quality affordable homes to meet local needs across North Wales. Our mission is to beat poverty, by ensuring that homes are built to the highest environmental standards that tenants can afford to heat.

“Welsh Government have set out a challenging target for the housing industry to create net zero homes by 2050, and I hope that this scoping report will allow us to consider the potential to create a hub that will facilitate collaboration, allow us to share good practice and enable the testing and reviewing of different technologies and approaches.

“This report is a great step forward for the sector and will hopefully play a key role in allowing us to achieve a low carbon future.”

The study was completed in March 2021 and conducted by Nicola O’Connor (Mandarin Research) and Ross Holleron (Building Performance Network) for the Good Homes Alliance in collaboration with Woodknowledge Wales and the Sustainable Development Foundation.

The findings of the report include:

  • The Hub would assist with accelerating the scale of delivery of zero carbon homes in Wales;
  • The Hub would provide a transparent, enduring and dedicated forum for industry‐ government interaction and collaboration on zero carbon housing policy in Wales;
  • The Hub would host tailor‐made forums for developers with similar delivery models/construction approaches to share learning and to benefit from collaboration;
  • The Hub would hold relevant knowledge and information and would signpost parties to possible funding sources or technical expertise where necessary;
  • The Hub would seek to identify specific knowledge and information gaps and training needs, to inform future Hub workstreams and national policy;
  • The Hub would produce case studies to be showcased across the Hub’s network.

Download the report

The full report is available to view and download on the GHA Knowledge Base.

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