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Report a Repair

Log your repairs here, and find out more about other ways to report.

Report a Repair

It’s important that you look after your home and let us know as soon as possible if anything goes wrong so we can arrange the repair.

Repairs can be reported by contacting:

  • The Customer Service Team from 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday on freephone: 0800 183 5757
  • You can request a call back during office opening hours and we will call you back at no cost to yourself.
  • Report a 'non urgent repair' through the Residents' Portal, or through our online form. Please ensure you incorporate as much detail as possible, including location of repair and how to get in touch with you in order for us to arrange access.

What happens if I report a repair?

Please note - An adult must be present to allow our operatives access to your property.

Our staff will take details of the nature of the problem and check that we have an up-to-date number on which to contact you. Please make our Customer Service Advisors are aware of any times you are not available so we can inform the operative carrying out your repair.

Our operatives may call without an appointment if they are in the area but will only carry out the repair if it is convenient for you.

Our Appointment system is soon changing …..

We have changed our appointment system to suit the needs of our customers. Following the star survey conducted in 2016 it was identified that residents felt the communications from ClwydAlyn for the repairs service was unsatisfactory. As a result and following consultation ClwydAlyn have changed the way they deliver repairs to your home.

The new appointment system offers a structured and dynamic approach to delivering the repair service. The process of reporting a repair will not change, however trades will be allocated certain areas on set days and one of our team will arrange an appointment with you in advance and the operative attending will confirm the date.

In some cases, you may be asked to send a photograph of the repair at the initial point of call (where applicable/possible). This will help us to diagnose what work needs to be done, ensuring we send the right operative with the right skills to complete the work within the appropriate priority group.

The old ‘repair priorities’ have now been removed, the rationale for this move is to prevent staff chasing works orders which are likely to go overdue and instead approach all repairs based on urgency and in a structured and consistent way.

Repair priorities and their timescales ‚Äč

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