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Supported Housing Partnerships

What do we mean by ‘Supported Housing Partnerships?

There are broadly two ways in which we provide Supported Housing for people.  One way is to provide the accommodation and the support services ourselves, such as ‘Greenbank Villas’ in Flintshire. These are called ‘directly managed’ schemes. The other way is for us to provide the accommodation and landlord services, and have a Partnering Agency to provide the support services to the residents. These Supported Housing Partnership schemes are referred to as being ‘indirectly managed’, or are more commonly referred to as being ‘group homes’.

What do we mean by Group Homes?

‘Group homes’ are quite descriptive of their function, in that they are ordinary homes, sometimes with physical adaptations,  for groups of people with care or support needs who wish to live together as independently as possible. The care and support required will be provided on site.

Where are our Group Homes located?

We provide a number of these group homes across our areas of operation in partnership with the agencies which provide the Care and Support services to the residents. These agencies, or ‘Managing Agents’, can be local authorities, voluntary organisations or charities providing services for those with physical or learning disabilities.

What are the benefits?

Sharing a house together gives people with support needs the same advantages as other groups who live together, such as families, groups of friends or students who share a house. The benefits are sharing costs, companionship of others, independence, the mutual support that comes from being part of a group with similar needs, and the practical advantages of having carers on site, possibly 24 hours a day, according to the level of their needs.

Working in partnership

We are proud to be the chosen landlord for over 100 of these excellent facilities across the North and Mid Wales areas, in an example of true partnership working with 20 Managing Agencies, helping people with physical and learning disabilities to gain their independence in a home of their own.

Want further information?

We welcome enquiries from Support Agencies interested in taking part in new examples of Supported Housing Partnerships throughout North and Mid Wales. Please contact our Care and Support Manager, Angharad Jones on 01745 536 818 for an informal discussion of your agencies’ needs or to request information on our Leasing Scheme.



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