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The Leaseholders Forum

The Leaseholder Forum represents all Leaseholders and Home Owners and works in partnership with ClwydAlyn to ensure an efficient home ownership service is achieved. The Forum has the opportunity to have a direct input and influence the services provided.

The Leaseholder Forum consists of Leaseholders, Home Owners, The Leasehold and Sales Team Manager and two Leasehold and Sales Officers. Amanda Bassett is a Shared Owner and the Chair of the Leaseholders Forum.

Together the Leaseholder Forum develops and reviews policies, services and performance. The Leasehold and Sales Team is monitored and measured against the Service Standards the Forum helps establish: Key Performance Indicators and Satisfaction Surveys.

Where issues arise, e.g. Repairs and Maintenance on satisfaction surveys, these are scrutinised and developed into an action plan to help improve them. The Action Plans are then reviewed, and prioritised to make sure they are acted upon.

Help us to help you

What matters to you? Is it Repairs and Maintenance, Rent, Service Charge or something else? Help us improve the services that matter to you. We are looking for volunteers to join The Leasehold Forum which meets 4 times a year.

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