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In a bid to address any early signs of damp and mould in homes, North Wales Housing Association ClwydAlyn has initiated a campaign to raise awareness of what to look for and to encourage residents to report any issues directly.

Exposure to damp and mould can pose a health risk to residents, and it is important to proactively address any issues, particularly as the colder weather draws in. As part of the campaign, ClwydAlyn, not only highlights the importance of early detection and reporting but has also provided residents with guidance on the simple steps everyone can take to minimise the risk of mould forming in their homes.

Chief Executive of ClwydAlyn, Clare Budden said: “We prioritise the health and wellbeing of our residents and have put measures in place for residents to report cases of damp and mould and get a prompt response. We hope this campaign will not only raise awareness but encourage residents to be vigilant and report damp and mould issues promptly. We’re also sharing useful hints and tips that we can all take in maintaining a healthy living environment.”

ClwydAlyn said it will continue to engage with residents to ensure they receive necessary support and guidance, and ensure appropriate action is taken when any issue is reported.

If you are a ClwydAlyn resident and are worried about damp or mould in your home, then please read our guidance by clicking here .If you are struggling with condensation, damp, or mould, then please email photos along with your contact details to