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Rachel King portrait picture
Rachel King
Member of the Resident Committee

Rachel is a Business Manager at Maximus UK, dedicated to breaking down employment barriers and facilitating sustainable employment. Covering North Wales on

behalf of the DWP, our mission is to assist individuals in finding employment, accessing support, and fostering happiness and success in their workplace and community.  Rachel joined the Resident Committee in September 2023

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Andrew O'Brien
Andrew O’Brien
Resident Committee Member

Joined Armed Forces 1985 and was a Firearms Instructor for 7 years, Ran a successful landscaping business for 20 years. Volunteered at Army Cadets as a Military Instructor for 2 years.Joined ClwydAlyn January 2022. I have leadership, management, and delegation qualifications/skills.

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Ashley Knight
Ashley Knight
Resident Committee Member

Ashley works on the maintenance side of ClwydAlyn as a cleaner/ window cleaner. He has worked for ClwydAlyn for 6 years. Ashley has a partner and four children and currently lives in a Rent to Buy Scheme. He enjoys playing football in his spare time and being the best version of himself.

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David Perkins
David Perkins
Resident Committee Member

David has been a resident of ClwydAlyn for 14 years once he retired from work. He has been taking interest in his community and seven years ago, he became Chair of the Sheltered Housing Umbrella Group, and he tries to take an active part in the community.

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Carol Quinn
Resident Committee Member

Carol has been a ClwydAlyn Resident for 13 years and prior to joining the Resident Committee, attended Resident meetings to represent the Halkyn Road Estate. Carol enjoys learning from a Residents’ perspective how new build properties are addressing environmental issues and how ClwydAlyn are helping address fuel and food poverty.

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Brian Strefford
Brian Strefford
Board Member, Resident Committee Vice Chair and Member of the Property Committee

Brian has had a long interest in Social Housing: his parents lived in a council house for many happy years. He returned to Social Housing over 25 years ago when he became a tenant of ClwydAlyn.

Brian had a varied career, spanning the oil industry, licensed trade, financial services and IT, also having a spell in the early nineties as a volunteer for the CAB. Brian acquired many skills during this journey, including the ability to listen and talk to people.

Brian is on the Vice Chair of the Resident Committee and also sits on the Property Committee.

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Peter Smith-Hughes portrait picture
Peter Smith-Hughes
Board Member
Chair of Resident Committee and Member of the Assurance Committee

In his previous employment, Peter worked as a Senior Manager involved in Retail Development. The job involved acquiring and developing sites, bringing the new store to the point of opening. In later years, he became a Private Hospital Manager, responsible for budgets, staff, and accounting.
Peter believes this experience will be useful as he can see a balanced view of various issues and he’s able to see the big picture, offering logical thinking processes. Peter has a desire to improve the lives of tenants.

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The Board comprises eleven Board Members and two resident Board Member representatives.

As a Welsh Landlord we are required to adhere to the Code of Governance or explain why we don’t. The code comprises seven principles for good governance, including; Organisational Purpose; Leadership; Integrity; Decision-making, Risk and Control; Board Effectiveness; Diversity and Openness and Accountability. A review of our compliance to the code has been undertaken and we believe that we comply.

The day to day running of ClwydAlyn is the responsibility of the Executive Team and the Senior Managers.

The Board meets bi-monthly and there are also a range of Committees that have specific delegated authority and report to the Board on their activities.

The Assurance Committee
Provides the Board with assurance on the effectiveness of the Group’s internal control system (which includes Risk Management, Operational and Compliance controls), Internal & External Audit, Health & Safety, Financial Reporting & Care Inspectorate Wales compliance.
The Property Committee
Provides the Board with assurance on the quality, value for money and performance of investment in building new homes and maintaining existing homes.
Our People Committee
Provides the Board with assurance that our organisational climate and culture is operating and developing and is in keeping with our values and mission.

In addition, the committee ensures that staff reward, engagement, development and attracting and retaining the best people to meet our purpose is effective and that the staff, board, committee members and volunteers health and wellbeing is understood and cared for.
The Resident Committee
Provides the Board with assurance on Resident engagement, Resident scrutiny, performance on services to Residents and Resident influence on services.

Resident Scrutiny is defined as – adopting a resident centred approach to services provided by ClwydAlyn which delivers benefits to tenants, residents and communities. Scrutiny should lead to a continuously improving service; through tenants and residents shaping and being involved in decisions taken by ClwydAlyn.
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